It’s #AshWednesday…are you ready?

Hey guys, it’s Lori here, reflecting into the final hours before Lent begins. And, let’s be honest, trying to stay awake long enough for those clothes in the dryer to finish. The struggle is SO real.


Like many of you, I’ve spent the last few days anxiously trying to figure out what I’m going to sacrifice or do for this season of Lent while the Ash Wednesday “deadline” quickly approaches. I still feel like I’m not quite ready, but I did manage to accomplish one thing today in preparation for the next 40 days.


I felt this urgent desire to create a peaceful space for my family to use for prayer and reflection as we journey together through Lent. I spent about half an hour pulling together this corner in our office:


The space, complete with crucifix, bible, rosary, reflection books, and even a cozy blanket is, unfortunately, the only peaceful thing in the room. This is what the rest of the room looks like (brace yourself):


Haha! All I can do is look at this and laugh, because, as much as I want this whole room to be peaceful, I just can’t make it happen by tomorrow. My type-A, perfectionist tendencies have to surrender to the reality that we are still getting settled from a move and life has been crazy! So, instead of giving up, I decided to create that peaceful space in the midst of the mess. I truly believe the Holy Spirit inspired me to recognize that Jesus doesn’t want us to wait until things are “perfect” for us to spend time with Him, just as the Holy Spirit is inspiring me to share this with you.


I pray that my “mess” will encourage those of you struggling with the pressures of “the perfect Lenten sacrifice” to pray for the strength to emerge from the chaos and find those small, simple moments to spend time with Jesus, to draw closer to Him each day of this season of Lent.


May God continually bless you with His love and mercy,




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  • Norely

    Thank you for sharing,
    It’s honest and beautiful!
    I was just discussing that the things we give up should be those that deter us from living the full life we were meant to (obsessions,frustraciones, doubt etc); and add the things that will bring us closer to the fulfillment of that life (peace, prayer, communion & snuggly safe places).
    Sadly I have noticed so many people loose themselves in the ‘guilt of the season’ instead of the beauty of the preparation for the resurrection.

    February 10, 2016 at 10:09 pm

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