We Will Not Be Shaken

Last week, we had the amazing opportunity to worship with close to 300 teens and their youth ministers/core members at Lifeteen’s Camp Covecrest in Tiger, GA. There were so many blessed moments of celebrating Mass, powerful messages, singing at the top of our lungs, and drawing into adoration of our Lord. One bit of wisdom we all walked away with was that living a life of faith is not easy, but we prepare for the adversity and challenges and continue to follow where God calls us.

OIt's just a flesh wound.n the heels of our week at camp, we said difficult goodbyes to our parishes of 11+ years, and began the transition to become the new full-time Music Directors together at St. Dominic Parish in Panama City, Florida. So, in just two days time, we experienced loss and grief for parish communities and a home we’ve grown to love, some discouraging and unexpected news, a series of doubts accompanied by thoughts of “Are we crazy? What are we doing?”, and (this part’s our favorite) our first-ever lengthy late-night trip to the ER with one of our children. Yep, that’s right. The 3-year-old busted her lip open right before bedtime, the night before our first day at our new job.

Just. Too. Much.

As we spent hours in the ER, we couldn’t help but recall the words that were spoken and the song that we sang together all throughout our week at Camp Covecrest. It became an anthem of sorts: We Will Not Be Shaken. As the line goes “Though the battle rages we will stand in the fight…”, it certainly felt (and looked) like a battle from our perspective. A battle with the evil one who sought to destroy our joy and certainty that the Lord was calling us into this new area of ministry. A calling that would bring us together as a family to worship on Sundays and commission us to serve this parish community.

While it may be tempting to throw our hands up in surrender, instead we cling to these words “For we trust in our God, and through His unfailing love, we will not be shaken, we will not be shaken, we will not be shaken” and refuse to let the evil one steal our joy or distract us from what the Lord has called us to do.

Adam & Lori

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  • Kathleen Lutter

    Praying for your little one to heal and for joy in your new ministry!

    July 2, 2015 at 9:06 pm

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