Our week at Camp Covecrest (@LifeTeen)

Like many of you, we are already back into the carefully crafted chaos that is school and extra-curricular activities, piled on top of household responsibilities and what we like to call careers. Where did summer go? In light of the swift passage of time that often leaves us in the dust, we felt the need to share about one of the most memorable weeks we have experienced together, before its memory fades into our “every day”.

The excitement we felt as we prepared for our first week of leading worship at Life Teen’s Camp Covecrest in Tiger, GA this summer was a sliver of the joy we experienced while there and felt long after we left. Ironic, because the theme for the entire week was “Radiant Joy”.

Our children might say the best part about camp was the zip line…ok, they do say that. But even more exhilarating, was the unique and unexpected opportunity to receive spiritual renewal ourselves while trying to minister to others. One of the most amazing miracles that unfolded as the week progressed, is that God graciously allowed distractions, worries and concern for self to fall by the wayside, allowing us to truly enter into His presence. What a difference that made in our ministry that week. Details and logistics have their place in any task, but can take over if not kept in check. Once that was all taken care of, the anointing of the Holy Spirit moved in such a way that we can barely describe its greatness.

We are so grateful for the ways in which God moved in our hearts, in our family and in our ministry during our time at Covecrest. To say that God truly works through the staff, missionaries and vision of Life Teen is an understatement. The people we met were beautiful spirits who warmly welcomed us, prayed for us, played tag with our 6-year-old and 4-year-old, doted on our 1-month-old and undoubtedly left a lasting imprint on our minds and in our hearts.

We hold in prayer, people who work in ministry every day, and especially our new friends and family in Life Teen. We cannot pray enough for those who give all to bear the light of Christ to souls who have never before seen it.

We thank you for allowing us this attempt at forming words that would describe such a blessing, and we thank you for continuing to hold us and our ministry in prayer!

Adam & Lori

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